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Posted on  Oct 21,2009  04:10

Axis and Allies Online Browser Game During World War II Without Download


1,WWII Warfare


“WWII Warfare” is a browser-based strategy game that takes place during World War II. Players join either the Allies or Axis, and fight to conquer the world.

If you like browser games but are sick of ones with swords, magic, and orcs, then this is a refreshing game that you’ll have a lot of fun playing.

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2, Hours of War


Are you ready for Hours of War?

In Hours of War, you build your career as a military commander, and battle alongside and against your friends in epic World War II battles. Try your skills in Allied landing in Normandy 1944, the Battle of the Bulge, or Soviet mass offensive against Finland at Tali-Ihantala 1944!

Fight for, or against us.

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3, War 2


War 2 is an online casual oriented web game that will bring players back to the war torn years of World War II. Players will play a military commander in charge of an occupied town in a war torn world seeking to survive, develop and to ultimately establish themselves as a stable and powerful force. Players will take part in urban management, manage production, research, trade and labour management. Players will also interact with other players via military or diplomatic means. The game will also feature real heroes from World War II including famous generals and will highlight their particular styles. The game uses real troops from World War II using their features and functions while creating a balanced game. War 2 is designed to be an easily accessible yet engrossing and fun to play game for all.

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CASE WHITE offers you World War II for your web browser.
In this exciting, lap-based strategy game you are going to fight on side of the Allies or the German Wehrmacht for victory in Europe.

You won`t win the war all alone.
So get together as brothers in arms and answer the call of duty.

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5, War of Supremacy


War of Supremacy is a multi-player online browser-based strategy game that pits you and your allies against a host of enemies in a World War II setting. You may choose multiple paths to your enemy’s destruction by forging your territory into a military war machine, a territory based on intelligence and subversion, or research technologies that allow you to launch conventional missiles or even drop a nuclear bomb on your enemies!

War of Supremacy has three versions:

Standard Version: This is the “original” game that everyone plays. Long-established clans and independents battle it out to control the Top 25 ranks of the game, vanquishing their foes.
Free For All: This game is “every country for themselves”. There are no sides. No pre-defined allies or enemies. In fact, everyone is or could be your enemy, because there is only 1 objective: Finish First!
Blitzkrieg: A “fun” game that is easier to master than Standard. Turns come twice as fast in Blitzkrieg. The rounds are usually shorter, and you will find anyone playing any country. There are no long-standing side-allegiances in Blitzkrieg! Play against your clan mates or against your “usual” Allies.

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    i like axis and allies


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