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Posted on  Jun 9,2010  09:06

Brothersoft’s Online Games Download or No Download?

Brothersoft Game Portal is a newly established channel run and backed by Chinese KunLun Company, which published KungFu Online, King of KungFu, and Three Kingdoms online under the portfolio of KoramGame.

The BrotherSoft itself is a free software download site offering services to download DVD, single Player game’s client, and multiplayer game’s client, which cost no fees. and Their business is download.

However, the thing changed because Brothersoft was bought by Chinese IT company called OPI , the once professional software downloading website that do the same with Download.com, turned out to be an online game site, in which, you see, you opened new genre channel One by one, including MMORPG, RPG, Single player, Emulator and strategy and etc..

That is not enough, not long ago, they opened a category called browser-based game. It is said that brothersoft would devote themselves into the browser game field, especially channel all energy into this section.

As we found, browser game section of brothersoft.com mainly collected some browser web games developed in China, these games include Three Kingdoms Online, Dragon’s call backed by BBGsite.com and MMOsite.com, Heroes of Gaia run by Snail Games, Freesky Online operated by China-based IGG, and Empire Craft by China-based Hithere.com, as well the most popular Chinese browser simulation game Business Tycoon Online.

I’d like to ladle out my suggestions that BrotherSoft.com do your own business instead of undercutting MMO Game Portal and Browser web game Portal that should have not been on the right track. Do your own business, that is your right choice. Continue providing free downloading service and keep up your good work in this field.

Of course, you were trying to hush up the fact that you are not from China, and your games are not developed by China. I’d rather you can get out of your way to hype your website up by telling a truth. Who are you? where are you from? What is your business model? and what do you want to do? By steering away from your right downloading service, you will never find a right place to position yourself. Even you have already lost your originality and imitate others slavishly.

I concluded that Never ever poke somebody else’s nose into other people’s business. You are attempting to ruffle BBGsite.com and MMOsite.com‘s feathers.

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