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Posted on  Aug 18,2009  04:08

Top 10 Different Theme Sports browser-based Games


1, Ballersunited(Basketball)

Ballersunited is an exciting combination of realistic basketball management and tactical trading-card-game . The “look & feel” can compete with similar high-budget games for pc and console – and the best thing is, you can play ballersunited for free.

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2, Hattrick(soccer)

Hattrick is an online soccer simulation game that was started about eight years ago and has just over 500 thousand users. The basic point of the game is to take your team of run down ageing hacks in to a team capable of making history. You basically play against other user controlled teams or computer operated ones.

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3, Power Play Manager(Multi)

The target of the POWERPLAY MANAGER project is to create a collection of online sport manager games. The first sport – ice-hockey – is already available for playing in the full version. The launch of the beta version of the second sport – soccer – is planned for the end of 2009. After registration you can also join other sports you would like to play and discuss in our forums.

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4,Trophy Manager(Football)

Trophy Manager is a free online online football management game where you take charge of your own soccer club. The game is now in it’s 12th season and as of August 2008 has over 100,000 teams playing the game from 125 countries alone.

In Trophy Manager you take total control of your own soccer club. An ever-confident and enthusiastic board has selected you as the manager who’s going to make the most of their club’s potential. When you start out you have got a squad of 25 eager players, as well as a heap of cash to spend on players and stadium upgrades. You must decide the tactics, find and hire the perfect coaching staff, train your players best as you can and expand the club’s infrastructure – All to get as close as you can to promotion, championships and, possibly, the Champions Cup of your region.

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Train your boxer
Fight against thousands of other players
Become the world’s heavyweight champion

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6, Formulawan(F1 Racing)

Formulawan is a browser manager game for players how like Formula one and racing games. You can manage your own F1 team and try to improve your reputation. Each driver and specialist (nurse, manager, mechanic…) of your team has one free daily action. So, it’s up to the player to decide what he is going to do next… he can train, tune up his racing cars, buy special buildings, search for new sponsors or invent new tuning parts.

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7, Good Hockey League(hockey)

Good Hockey League is a free online hockey dynasty game. You act as both the owner and general manager of a professional hockey team. You control all the aspects of your hockey team. It is up to you to build a successful team. Sign and trade players, manage detailed finances, control training schedules, and advanced team tactics. You control a team in a league of 19 other teams. The entire season and playoffs are 110 days long. Each team players 19 games at home and 19 games away. If your team is ranked in the top 8 of the league it will proceed to the playoffs. The GHL is for everyone. From young to old, from experienced to inexperienced hockey fans.

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8, The Wrestling Game(Wrestling)

The Wrestling Game is a strategic / managerial on-line game on the world of wrestling.All you need to play the Wrestling Game is just a normal browser (browsers are programs that allow you to surf the internet, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox).

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9, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online(golf)

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online will include several world class championship courses, such as Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass and St. Andrews, while additional new courses will be available on a regular basis. In addition, a fully stocked schedule of tournaments and multiple community features, allowing fans to connect and compete with friends, makes Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online a community for all golf fans.

* Authentic golf on the world’s most legendary courses
* No game download required, just click to play
* Realistic gameplay streamed directly to your browser
* Suspend and resume your round at anytime
* Free* to play during the beta period

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10, Trophy Fishing Online

Trophy Fishing Online is a multiplayer online browser based fishing game.

In Trophy Fishing Online, you play the role of a fisherman. You accumulate money by catching fish. You can then use your money to improve your equipment(Rods, Reels and Line) or buy new lures. The game is as simple or complex as you want it to be. You begin the game as a fly fisherman and can evolve into Freshwater and Saltwater fishing. As you advance, you can catch anything from a 6 inch Alewife to a 20 foot Tarpon. The world is yours.

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  1. shevzor says:

    I play Powerplaymanager.com for a while, and I like it very much!
    It is the best sport manager simulator ever!!!

  2. lorismtlan says:

    Se strinjam dobro napisano res.

  3. Shevzor says:

    Is there anyone else playing that game…?
    I want to share some good findings:))


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