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Posted on  Aug 19,2009  05:08

Top 10 Shooter Browser-based Games


1, Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes is a free, cartoon-styled online shooter based on the “Battlefield” series of games. Currently, the game departs from the “Battlefield” series in that it is played with a third-person camera, but in time EA DICE may add the option of first-person if players ask for it enough. The game features two factions to choose from (National Army and Royal Army), and each has three classes: Commando (stealth and sniping), Soldier (jack of all trades), and Gunner (heavy gun specialist).

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2, Quake Live

Quake Live Aimbots have varying lөvels οf effectiveness. Some Quake Live aimbots can do аll οf the аiming and ѕhooting, requiгing the user to movө into a position where tһe opponents are visible; thiѕ level of automation usually makes іt difficuΙt tο һide an Quake Live aimbot–for exаmple, the playөr might mаke inhumanly fast tuгns that alwaүs өnd with һis oг heг crossһairs targeting an opponent’s head.


Dark Orbit is one of the best action-packed space shooter that browser games have to offer

* Play now and compete against thousands of real players
* There’s lots of raw action and fun in this space game
* Browser games: No download, no installation necessary
* Fight for prizes up to £10,000

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4,Tank Ball

Tank Ball is a 3D shooter browser-based games where you can play with thousands of players or play in a single way.

Hunt down your friends and give them some double barreled tank shooting action in this all new version of Tank Ball. Blowed up real good!

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At XBlaster, the online game, the world as we know it fell into obscurity a long, long time ago. As a mech pilot you fight against violent war robots to amuse the crowds in the arena. Your mech is your weapon, your protection, it is everything. Your mech is a sophisticated and high-tech war robot. Equip it even further with lasers, flamethrowers, impulse weapons and protective shields and make it indestructible.

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Armored Legion is a free mmorpg 3d game that is entirely free to play.  You can pilot your mech across the galaxy and defeat your enemies while gaining powerful new upgrades and weapons.  Current  it is in an open alpha with many more features to be added but please stop by and try out the game it requires no downloads and is totally free.

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7,Pirate Galaxy

Pirate Galaxy is a space combat game set in the distant future. Board your starship and join thousands of other players as you fight to break free from the tyranny of ruthless alien oppressors. The actionpacked 3D dogfights on exotic planets provide breathtaking excitement, while the easy to learn controls keep the game fun and accessible.

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8, Fallen Empire: Legions

Legions is the serious 1st person shooter on the web with no client install and no game console required. Strap on a jetpack for a unique and unrivaled 1st person shooter experience.

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9, Robits World

Robits World is a free, web-based, multiplayer online game combining cinema-quality 3D graphics with real-time aim-and-shoot combat action. Players march in to battle in teams of up to 3 vs. 3. Once the match starts, players can instantly jetpack into action and bombard their opponents with a myriad of rockets mortars, landmines, EMPs and much, much more. It may appear chaotic, but the aiming system is sophisticated.

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10,Pawn Game
PawnGame is a massively multiplayer online 2D shooter game. Here at Pawn you can jump right into the action by creating an account and joining thousands of other players in a variety of different arenas. We believe that a gamer’s experience should be their own. That’s why we allow for a large degree of game customization. Challenge your friends, design a custom map or just sit back and have fun with some fellow gamers. The choice is yours.

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