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Posted on  Jul 26,2009  12:07

Top 10 Space Browser Games


1, OGame


OGame is a game of intergalactic conquest.

You start out with just one undeveloped world and turn that into a mighty empire able to defend your hard earned colonies.

Create an economic and military infrastructure to support your quest for the next greatest technological achievements.

Wage war against other empires as you struggle with other players to gain the materials.

Negotiate with other emperors and create an alliance or trade for much needed resources.

Build an armada to enforce your will throughout the universe.

Hoard your resources behind an impregnable wall of planetary defences.

Whatever you wish to do, OGame can let you do it.

Will you terrorize the area around you? Or will you strike fear into the hearts of those who attack the helpless?

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2 , Warpfire


WarpFire is an intense action game set in outer space. Thousands of Players compete at the same time. The player steers a spacecraft in real time on a fantastic expedition through the endless vastness of space. Alone or together with their alliance players explore new galaxies and go on the hunt for alien loot and enemy players. After a successful space battle resources, new space ships and deadly technologies await discovery and collection. Warpfire is free of charge. Space-Battles with eye-catching graphics and extraordinary sound-effects offer a very special multi-player environment. But beware: The deeper the space you explore, the tougher your enemies will be!

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3, Imperion


More than just a strategy game, Imperion is the gateway to a new era of reckoning – the colonization of endless space has begun. Join the experience and decide the fate of your people as their commander. It is the year 2137. Starting with one planet, you begin to build your intergalactic empire. Research new technologies, spaceships and buildings. Join a multitude of players exploring the universe, colonize and conquer distant planets. Be wild and free, trade with your allies, joine a league or prepare for battle.

Three species with different abilities fight for dominion over space:

Terrans: very adaptible, hardy and enduring.

Xen: like insects, growing fast and operating in swarms.

Titans: advanced furthest in technology, and defensive.

Discover the world of Imperion and choose your species to lead to victory.

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4,  DarkOrbit


DarkOrbit is a free massively multiplayer online spcace game

* Play now and compete against thousands of real players
* DarkOrbit is a space game full of action and fun
* Browser games: No download, no installation necessary
* Fight for prizes up to 10,000 GBP

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5,  Orion’s Belt


Orion’s Belt: an online browser based game. The game is very easy to play, as soon as you start to know some basic rules. You play as an emperor that start on a small Private Zone on the Universe. You have five Planets to Colonize before using a WormHole to Travel to the Hot Zone and interact with other players.

On your Planets you will be able to build Facilities and Combat Units. Later on you will be able to join those Combat Units on a Fleet and Travel on Universe, making friends and enemies as you play along.

When you engage war, you will have your battles played on a Game Board. That’s the most fun part of the game!

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6, WarDrome


WarDrome is a free strategic management browser game set in a space opera atmosphere.Real time combats,development, economy and role play

You will grow your empire planet after planet, resarch technologies and gather taxes; you will explore a huge universe in first person on board of your ships; you will build your fleet, customize your ships and their crews; you will partecipate in political life dealing with the Senate, hunt aliens and dangerous outlaws… You will engage battles in a sensational real time game.

You will develop the story of your character by participating in the campaigns prepared by the staff or creating your path between the stars.

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7, Astro Empires


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8, spaceinvasion


SpaceInvasion is a strategic space simulation game made by Bigpoint: As Commander, the player fights for dominance of the universe. From an imperial star base, battle squadrons spread out through the vastness of space with the mission to settle new planets and mine their raw ores. The player builds up an industrial infrastructure and constructs weapons factories and strong defensive fortifications to protect his base.

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9,Pirate Galaxy


Pirate Galaxy is a massively multiplayer online game that you can play with nothing more than your web browser!

In Pirate Galaxy, you walk in the shoes of elite pilots fighting against the terrifying Mantis. They have conquered countless planets and even whole star systems  to mine the valuable Cryonite. Complete missions, enhance your spaceships and join with other players or teams or fleets to confront the Mantis menace.

* Features Superb 3D graphics
* Real-time space- and ground-based combat
* Straightforward and intuitive controls
* Exciting story and atmospheric music
* Huge game universe with dozens of planets and star systems
* Battle in conquest mode and conquer the galaxy!
* Face-off against other players and clans
* Play online and be part of a global community Free to play
- no installation fees, no subscription fees!

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10, Origins Return


Virtual Developpement develops and updates since 5 years an intergalactic strategy game. Your empire is built around the Space Portal: you can have an unlimited number of soldiers, which can participate to epic battles. Go conquer the universe, explore new worlds and send your elite units fight for your salvation and your honor.

Your empire has not forgotten to build spaceships, even if their use is less important. However, you can build your own spaceships with the technology that you have gained! You can customize your fleet until the smallest techniques and tactics details. It is your mission to find the best way to enrich your knowledge as soon as possible!

You will also possible to ally with other players to trade or to fight together. Designed for both a warrior-type game that minor, Origins Return will delight young and old, experienced players as beginners.

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22 Comments on Top 10 Space Browser Games


  1. Frankie says:

    Umm… Why did you call this a list of “Browser Games” when it’s entirely composed of MMOs? Very misleading. Your list is useless to anyone looking for single player games.

  2. Imset says:

    umm.. these ARE MMOs that are browser based games.. so they are still considered browser games..

  3. Captain Shylo says:

    Thanks so much for providing this resource. I have been shopping around for some decent 3D space combat MMO’s and this was so helpful. I am completely new to online gaming; therefore this was a real godsend. I was both amused and annoyed by the complaints. It is pure laziness for people to complain when someone has put work and time into providing info that is free to the public. You have provided a starting point and it is up to your readers to do their own research. I, for one, am grateful you that you have pointed me in the right direction. Thanks so much!

    • SSwarkiller says:

      try pirategalaxy wanna know why? i can help you get in to serius. i am the top of the top of pirate galaxy. anyone just ask for help if you need to :)

  4. yo yo says:

    DO NOT PLAY WARPFIRE. (It sucks).

  5. Bx says:

    Where is Pardus?
    you dont list pardus?

    you really need to list Pardus at no1. try it at: http://pardus.at.

  6. Bx says:

    and yes.. warpfire sucks

  7. Captain Crunch says:

    If I had a big gripe it would be the shots posted for the text based games that lead one to think there is hope for action when, in fact, there is none. True, the art is beautiful, but it is completely misleading to show scenes from epic battles when the game is text based. Of course, I am a newbie and my own ignorance may be the problem. Am I crazy?

    reply Marc

  8. tim says:

    Put PARDUS ON THE LIST, its a browser space mmorpg.

  9. Kevin Lazzaroni says:

    Hi, I would like to register my game (Universe Battle.de) with you. Is that possible?

  10. Spirit34 says:

    New release of Origins Return available :)

  11. Do Sux says:

    DO is a joke and a waste of time!!! if u dont spend money on the game u have no chance to win!!!!

  12. phil says:

    how is astro empires at nu 7.
    its complete boring rubbish

  13. ryan says:

    DO is ridiculous if you dont spend a fortune and nobody is helpful, its pointless

  14. PAn says:


  15. wtf says:

    darkorbit is 10 times better than warpfire

  16. lockedout says:

    Imperion will not let you register & there is no way to contact support or use the forums because the system keeps spamming “registration closed”
    There is no information about the closed registration or any way to find out whats up with it.

  17. Ogame is the best but where is Battlestar Galactica?

  18. amun says:

    DarkOorbit sucks…money…… money…..a lot of cheters…….bots…..rubbish!!!!!

  19. Bugaloo says:

    DarkOrbit is infested with cheaters, people who run programs to steal Uridium(DarkOrbit’s Game Currency), people who have extra shield and damage hacks installed, etc., etc.. To be competitive on DO, you have to spend money upgrading your ship and all it’s equipment, this can total thousands of dollars or euro, even though it’s advertised as “free to play” and it is, you’ll be at base repairing all day unless you spend money, my advice? Look for a game that requires a download and where they try to stay on top of cheaters, DarkOrbit??? I would not recommend this game to anyone, try “Pirate Galaxy”, its a space shooter thats 3D, (DarkOrbit is 2D) and has everything DO has plus no cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Yeah, most of these suck, imperion, not entirely.
    BUT… Go play Warring Factions.
    WARNING: Only for those with a SET of brains.


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