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Posted on  Jul 19,2009  07:07

Top 10 Strategy Browser-based Games

It is hard to select an appropriate Browser Strategy game list that suits all players’ taste, but I found most of players were trying to search online strategy games, which brought the idea to create a top 10 browser strategy games. These games are developed in 2008 or 2009, part of which become out of date,  if you ever played these games, you can search a new one or better one by visiting to our homepage and checking the left-side bar’s search button. Good luck to your strategy and tactics.

1 Caesary Online

Like Evony, and Kingory, Caesary is yet set in Roman Empire offers free-to-play Strategy gameplay and conquer the catstles around you. Here you can play Caesary Like you play Evony, TransForce and Kingory.

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2, TransForce

Transforce is similar in gameplay to the browser game Evony, except you are using robots instead of medieval units. Resources, hero units, alliances, base construction, and combat are the core components of Transforce. Transforce has some good points to it especially the hero unit and the ability to make a transformer from parts and then have it transform into a whole robot. The map needs some work because it is very cluttered and stalls when you try to load it. I can recommend TransForce to anyone who likes Transformers or strategy games in general. There are no downloads or software to install so you can begin playing right away. Visit the TransForce site to get started, and have fun.

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3, Ikariam


The sound of the sea, a white sandy beach and sun! On a small island somewhere in the Mediterranean, an ancient civilization arises. Under your leadership an era of wealth and discovery begins. Welcome to Ikariam.

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4, Khan Wars


Replay history in Khan Wars, and choose one of nine unique nations. The game offers complex real-time strategy with 16 battle and siege units, 9 unique units, buildings, skills and many other game elements. Compete against thousands of players from around the world and become a great ruler of your nation!

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5, Travian


Travian is a browser-based massively multiplayer online resource-management game, built by enthusiasts in Germany. Without being Halo, it looks perfectly acceptable, using layered graphics to pictures village, and javascript countdowns until builds finish and attacks arrive. Travian is a browser game featuring a world with thousands of other real players. One begins the game acting as a chief of a tiny village.

6,Tribal Wars


Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power, glory and fame. Take down your enemies and prove you are a worthy champion. Your goal is to lead a medieval village to fame and power. With your help the small village will grow bigger and bigger. The population grows, production rises and trade prospers.

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7,Imperia Online


Ability to socialize and compete with thousands of real players

Totally realistic economic and war model

Development, based on everyday decisions

Build your Empire and dominate over your enemies Now!

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8, Lords Of Evil


Lords of Evil is a Strategy browser based game where players take on the role of a tactician and lead their nation from rags to riches. Play as one of three races; Human, Orc or Demon. Construct castles, barracks and mines to amass enough gold, lumber, and ore to hire soldiers and assemble an army with which to raid other cities. Lords of Evil also features a nifty guild system and an auto levelling system, which allows your character to continue training while you are away.

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9, Utopia Kingdoms

* Choose from 9 unique races
* Command your army with 16 different battle units and 9 race-specific units
* A complex set of unit skills to master before you go to war
* In-depth Clan structure: play with a team or try and conquer the world on your own
* A comprehensive set of resources to build and manage

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Evony is a strategy browser based title like any other in the genre. The game requires you to become a powerful Lord, with an overarching quest of saving some princess, or something. The game itself is so disjointed from the primary quest that it is somewhat of a grail, but no matter, browser games, unlike normal games rarely have a clear beginning and an end. The end inevitably comes when your wife leaves you and your pets are starving because the game has you in its icy grasp

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11,Dragons of Atlantis

Torpia is a fantasy strategy browser based game set in the middle ages!

Torpia is in fact two games in one: you can play “Good” or “Evil”.

Good has a light and fresh layout and aims on economy. Good will build up an empire and create a fully productive industry. Setting up additional villages and trading make it a peaceful game for Goods. Still they have to watch out for the others!

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28 Comments on Top 10 Strategy Browser-based Games


  1. Daren says:

    Battleknight – strategy game??

    I’d rather include Glory of Fellowland…

  2. Frankie says:

    What is the deal with the titles of these lists? Since when is “strategy” a synonym for “medieval fantasy world conquest”? So far you are zero for two in useful lists.

  3. tweek says:

    Evony derserves to be # 1 IOt is by far way better then any of these other games :)

  4. Ilusi says:

    Dude, Kingory should be at the top of the list.

  5. l1k3m1k3 says:

    this list is outofdate…

    it should be:
    1. Empire Craft
    2. Lord Of The Dragon
    3. Heroes Of Gaia
    4. Evony

  6. STOGIE says:

    I haven’t played all this games..i’m trying them out..Ikariam, Evony, Kingory i have played and i think Kingory is the best game so far..

  7. Martel says:

    Utopia Kingdoms and Khan wars are basically the same games (both use Khan War code).

    I’l vouch for a game you probably never heard of (although it has been around since 2001!) :
    http://www.alliancesatwar.com/ (Orkfia II: Alliances At War).

    Try it out if you’re looking for a competetive and fast-paced game with real focus on strategy. We’re building a world where alliances constantly war each other. Each action only takes around 4 hours to complete. You are free to form alliances with whoever you like.

    Happy if I can help anyone looking for a real strategy game. Reply to my welcome message (from Orkfian God Martel) and let me know that you came from here!


    • leanne smith aka LadyStorm says:

      i absolutely love Caesary the game i cant find another game that matches it NOT BY FAR!!! i have played 3 differant servers im a VH on 1 an elder on the other & jst gave up my officer place on the 3rd as i need to concentrate on the VH position its me & my partners league BRAVEHEARTS were 5th in Rankings so i take this seriously LOL i love 2 escape to Caesary but playing it with ur partner can bring some arguments hehe so much 4 its only a game lol so can u plz let me know if u can match me with a similar game iv never tied Evony & dont want to coz they all come to caesary we call them the evony rejects i dont have any desire to pay it or kingory i have jst started Khan wars & i dont fancy that either lol im fussy as when i like a game i REALLY like it..im in2 the past ages not really fantasy in the way o magic ect i know that caesary is an up2 date version of ages of empire (amazing)..im not hot on Tribal wars or Ikaram plz help im desperate to find something like caesary im too advanced on it now & am a wee bit bored as theres a spiking comp on jst now so only hitting waters cos no fire incase im spiked again,,,,, :)

  8. LA says:

    Evony is a BS after the upcoming of Age II, Half of the players left it and diverted to other games, even me. Those who are left there are not just addicted to it, but mentally ill too, spending real money on them, like they have those cities in real, anyways, it’s their money.. But Money can always be spent in some good deeds. Help a poor, and he will wish for you 100 times.. And people find it better than that to spend even upto 5000$ and even more on a crappy game like Evony. No hard feelings for anyone, Good Compilation, btw.. you missed HeroesofGaia (HoG).
    Think well, Live well.. and get out of this virtual world and save your real worlds.. Otherwise it will really end.

  9. Dune says:

    Check this game out; Torpia.
    You can play it well for free, really well for less then €10 per month.
    Good and Evil players work together as a team within a brotherhood. Do you like economy? As a top Evil, I’m always looking for a strong Good player. ;)
    Do you like warfare? Make sure you’re with my Brotherhood, not against it. :P

    Contact me at Dune_Evil@hotmail.com

  10. rat says:

    Lord of ultima, blows all these games out the WINDOW, check it out.

  11. Miro says:

    I prefer Dawn of Nations over Lord of Ultima. It’s a much better game. ;)

  12. eh... lol? says:

    it’s a top 10 with 11 places…
    someone messed up?

  13. Jack says:

    Best game Ive played is New 1000 AD

  14. sigmunt says:

    I have played all these games, but I think the best is Vojna.pl – Terrible graphic but a lot of fun !

  15. Poptart2198 says:

    Some of these games are good some are not. Currently I am digging Astroempires myself.

  16. indogamer says:

    Try both: 1100ad and clash of kingdoms…cool games

  17. eXiLe says:

    been around since like hmm 97? still the only challenging strategy browser game ive played yet and been playing sinc 99 :p, start in a kingdom of upto 25 people, strategys posted on forums, lots of downloadable tools for attacking etc start in a bad kingdom? its ok you can join a different one :p

  18. jack says:


    i like travian most

    • Xeen says:

      Travian is not a fair game, only for the top players.
      Try Fightsystem: Battle Islands (www.fightsystem.com)
      Not the best graphical game, but if you take the time to really give it a try you’ll see it’s way more fun.

  19. S says:

    And Grepolis? The most amazing browser game in the world.

    • A Grepolis Player says:

      Was. Until Innogames decided to “upgrade” you to their new interface and drive away half their players because it was so awful. Don’t play anything from Innogames.

  20. lol says:

    If you want to find a REAL rts broswer game, go and check Ministry of War (MoW) out! It is quite so cool, believe me. Not even close to any normal rts. Awesome animations, you can move your troops, build buildings anywhere you want, so check it out, you won’t regret it. ;)

  21. Mistermajor says:

    For all fantasy lovers I strongly suggest to try Lordswm.com.

    A great game based on the Heroes of Might & Magic saga.
    Completely free and absolutely addictive!
    Play as Knight, Wizard, Barbarian, Necromancer, Elf, Dark Elf or Demon …

    Lots of different playstiles and you can decide if you want to hunt (Play against Computer AI) or Duel (Play against one or more online players).

  22. nik says:

    The Grid – Text Based Multi Player Online Browser Strategy Game


    It’s an elaborate system made up of row upon seemingly endless row of perfectly chiseled squares, each ruled by either a fool or master strategian.

    Once you enlist into this new world, you will be transported into The Grid in the form of a single entity known only as: a square. You will rule this square – or see it ruled by another.

    Upon logging in, you will notice many other squares, fighting for survival, or to spawn themselves like amoeba unto the far corners of The Grid. If your spectacles are not too foggy from the freezing air in this wondrous utopia, you will notice a…

  23. Played most MMORTS says:

    For the record, these games are MMORTS (the S means Strategy), Also Evony should at all be any where near the top list, the reason its soo slow compared to other games is because its trying to inject trojan horses into your Explorer bar, its been proven and reverse engineer’d, so haters lookup “Evony Malware” before I see any pathetic half wit comments in reply, I appreciate constructive comments. In my opinion WarOfLegends is well above most of these on the topic of graphics, playability and lifespan. The others get boring and aren’t going to spend the income on improving the game. As Evony started (Civony) over 50% of the content was illegally stolen from well respected game such as “Age of empire’s” and “civilization”.


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